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PGP – I’ll show you mine, Send me yours

Decided the time has come to adopt PGP for my email. PGP is a simple method of sending email securing it’s contents only to you and the recipient. In a nut shell it works by letting folks have your public key, think of it like a strong box, they send you mail using that key to scramble it all up. When you receive the message enter you private key to open the strong box unscrambling the message making it readable like always.  so to that end here is my public key, please send me yours.

Version: GnuPG v2.0.21 (MingW32)

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Google Authenticator

Everyone talks security, and a few people actually don’t mind a slight bit of inconvenience to be secure. If you are not aware there is a free service called Google Authenticator. This service can run as an app on your mobile device and provide two-factor authentication to web sites and services Read the rest of this entry »

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I uploaded my video compilation from hike up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to the summit of Mt Washington and down the jewel trail. It was a glorious day. See the entire story of the hike on the blog.

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In My Element… That me.. I started a new job and quickly learned driving over the river and through the woods in the mountains is going to bring a serious need for all-wheel drive. I initially had plans of grabbing the Audi wagon from Rosie, but I learned that would not work out regularly. So in looking at our main vehicles with a combined age of 26yrs, hers with 198,000 miles and mine with 176,000 we decided we needed to get a newer vehicle Read the rest of this entry »

I started a new job this month. I really can’t say where, but it it is with a financial services New Hampshire. It is exciting and a bit stressful starting a new position, but I really like the company, people and position. After years of working inside without windows, I have a large office with windows that is next to lake Winnipesaukee. I don’t have time to look at the view but there is something about having the light beam in during the day that is energizing.

View Near The Office

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Patriots Vs Giants

A spin-off of the the Sons of Anarchy Series...Sons of Belichick

I was lucky enough to get invited to a New Patriots game this year. I went down with Chad and Marty and we met up with Jaybird down there. On the way down Marty said one of his neighbors was going to be down there with an RV rig.
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We just picked up our upgrade phones this week on release day and have been messing with the Siri functionality. You may not know this but Siri can text status updates to Social sites for you. Here is how to configure it for Facebook and Twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tag 295 is now Tessie from Maine

Rosie has been very involved with trying to help animals in kill shelters find homes. A few weeks ago she located a dog on Saturday in Ga that was to be killed on Monday morning. We discussed it and decided to give it a go.

Tag 295 as Posted Online

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Smith, Wesson and Me

I made the plunge and bought a pistol. Actually I ended up buying three. You see Rosie had been after me for a long while to get a gun for the house. Here in Lebanon Maine we don’t have a dedicated police force and rely on Sheriffs and State Troopers to cover us Read the rest of this entry »

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Jacob and Shannon Visit Maine

Mid August Shannon and Jacob were able to bounce up to Maine from Elkton, VA for a visit. Jacob has grown so much since we last saw him. He can get up but not quite walk yet but crawls like a fiend. His 9 month old birthday came while he was here and he also got his first tooth. Incredible how fast all those things happen.

Shannon and Jacob (9mo) - On Cog Railway

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Norwalk Juice Demo

We purchased a used Norwalk Juicer a while abck and many friends and relatives ask what’s that? How does it work? So I created a short movie showing how it works.

This is a quick, very basic demonstration of juicing with a Norwalk using bags. I usually add wheat grass to the juice and grind it in with the other veggies at breakfast. You can combine any fruits and or veggies you like to make a juice. It is fun to experiment with different combinations and ratios. The Kale, Carrot, Apple (wheat grass) is my staple go to juice.
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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to hike Mt Washington. I hiked up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to to Lake of the Clouds Hut to Crawford Path, to the Summit of Mt Washington. I then came down the Gulf Side Trail to the Jewel Trail. It was a glorious day the weather was perfect it was dry and comfortable with a steady 35mph breeze above treeline.

A T-Shirt at the Mt Washington Observatory

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I created a Soundcloud account and have been putting up many of my practice recordings. Soundcloud is like YouTube but for sharing audio versus video. My Youtube channel will still keep the tracks with the slideshows, it is just that soundcloud provides and easy way to share music. ~ enjoy
Latest tracks by Stadig

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Busy Spring

It has been a busy Spring in the Stadig household. I started training full-time to update my skills and gain some additional certifications. Rosie, the dogs and I took a trip over Mother’s Day week to visit the kids in Elkton VA and Williamsburg. I completed the BreatheNH Bike Tour 58 mile ride for lung disease, and we put up about 350′ of field fence to encapsulate Read the rest of this entry »

Devil In The Bottle

Here is a recording I did the other day, just me and a guitar recorded through a microphone, single take. This is part of my learning to play project. I plan on revisiting this song and doing more with it, but i have been so busy with training it leaves little time for other things. I do try to get a little practice in and that is what this recording is from.

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Norwalk Peanut Butter

First try at making homemade peanut butter with the Norwalk. Filled the feed tube with roasted & salted peanuts and used a #4 screen. Turned the unit on and immediately the wonderful fresh peanut butter started started coming out. Kept feeding peanuts as they were going down and used the plunger only at the end. It says you can use a smaller screen to make it even creamier or a larger one makes it chunky..we opted for the regular creamy. Almonds, cashews, etc can be done the same way and you may also add flax seed if you like.

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Cool Time Lapse of Aurora Borealis

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Don’t You Take It To Bad

This another piece in my learning to play project.. This is a song by Townes Van Zandt that I have always liked and rarely hear. As with Song to Siren I used a single take recording method, but this time using only a single microphone for capturing voice and guitar at the same time. The Slideshow consists of images from past Newport Folk Festivals and it’s performers..Enjoy..

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Gett’in Edjucated and More Certifiable

Well it’s official just learned I will be heading for full-time training the next few months. I applied and was approved for training via the Federal Trade Act funds from my old employer. Since some of our product went to Mexico and overseas we qualified for training funds. I am looking to strengthen my knowledge and certifications by upgrading my MCSE 2003 to an MCITP Enterprise, and also adding Security +, Project +, Cisco CCNA, and a Business Analyst certification. Read the rest of this entry »

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Song to the Siren

Well I have been trying to use my break in work to learn how to play guitar, and this is my latest attempt. This is a Tim Buckley song that really caught my eye.  It is a different style and was recorded as a single take… acoustic guitar off the pickup, through one channel and mic for voice through another. Hope you enjoy it…

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Paleo Diet Test

Well I have been eating right and working out for quite sometime. I have seen some results in weight loss but overall i don’t seem to get anywhere. I felt my mood could be better, energy could be better, and my joints could be better. Listening to one of my tech podcasts i heard a discussion on the “Why are we Fat, and what we can do about about it”. The book made a lot of sense backed-up by some real science. In researching this book I came across another called “The Paleo Solution” this followed many of the principles and explained things in a very conversational way. Read the rest of this entry »

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My First Arrangement

Well here is one of my creations and explorations with Ableton. It is my first arrangement, so it is what it is, one might call it a beta.

I used Ableton to record Guitar, Vocal and several midi instruments on the A.A. Bondy Song. I am still not quite there with the looping assembly, therefore I record straight into the arrangement view, which i think is old school, but it works Read the rest of this entry »

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Ableton Live 8 Tutorials

I recently started trying to learn Ableton for messing around with recording music. In looking at all the options it seemed to be the most flexible in that it can do loop based music as well as the old long form way of recording into tracks. Further it handles any changes all live so you can create in the moment. You can add effects, instruments, clips, loops etc all while what you are doing is playing Read the rest of this entry »

Virtual Machines Rule!!

I have been using virtual machines for some time and the technology just continues to improve. This past week I placed several full systems onto a single laptop and am just astounded how well the systems operate. Some of the systems came from virtual infrastructure, others were live stand alone machines, and yet other cam from images of systems. The operating systems encompassed XP, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2000. The conversion and configuration was straight Read the rest of this entry »

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Political Correctness in Literature?

Recently it was announced that Huck Finn and other Mark Twain classics are being edited changing the word Nigger to Slave and Injun to Native American. I really don’t understand the re-writing of a prose, it is like re-writing history. I don’t think people should use words like Nigger or a multitude of others in todays world, but they do.  The times Mark Twain describes in his stories should remain as the author wrote them. Untouched for posterity to enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Music Practice Nets First Song

I have been putting some effort into really learning music particularly more so the last few months. I have always enjoyed music for a multitude of reasons but I find as I learn more and get more competent with playing and singing I am gaining confidence and with it a desire to write and create, thus turning a distant fleeting dream into something real and tangable . Read the rest of this entry »

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Great article explaining some of the INS and out of these two Facebook features.

Posted via email from Glen Stadig’s Posterous

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The Real Top 25 List of Best Ipad Apps

I often get asked what are the apps I use most frequently on my Iphone / Ipad. I am not a crazy app-ologist or heavy gamer I am just a normal user without any endorsements. I tend to use things that are cloud connected when possible so i can access the information from anywhere. A good example would be Gmail as my email, calendar, docs and photograph sharing. All the gmail products integrate directly with iphone and ipad standard apps and are also available in any browser anywhere.

So without further adue:

  • Lastpass – Super secure password and document vault. Two factor authentication
  • LogMeIn Ignition – Logmein client for Ipad / Iphone that works slick even on 3g
  • Evernote – Remember everything, web clip from a browser, pic from a phone Read the rest of this entry »
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Stream TV to IPad / Iphone / Touch

There are a bunch of way to stream live and recorded TV to you devices but the latest solution I have found is a new release on WinTV from Hauppauge. The latest software update has a an extender built-in to push the signal from you Hauppauge Read the rest of this entry »

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Blue Angels Arrive – Portsmouth NH

While preparing to go to the Patriots game I was treated to some of the Blue Angels working out their show for the coming Read the rest of this entry »
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